At Factory Insight, we understand manufacturing.  That's why we focus on creating technology solutions for manufacturing companies.

Our knowledge of manufacturing processes and information systems makes us the ideal partner to give professional, unbiased assistance in selecting and implementing new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions.

We also know that our clients don't always need to replace their existing information system.  Our manufacturing experience gives us the insight to help improve our client's business processes allowing them to increase productivity and reduce costs without investing in new software.

Technology can be used to help small and medium sized businesses compete with the larger companies.  The Internet is a good example of a tool that helps "level the playing field."  At Factory Insight, we can create Internet solutions that help meet our clients business goals and strategies.  Typical solutions range from simple, informational web sites to complex, database driven, e-commerce sites.

When evaluating different technologies, hardware and networking are important aspects of the total solution.  Since we are not affiliated with any hardware vendors, we can provide unbiased assistance in selecting the right hardware and networking solutions for our clients.

Once all of the technical solutions have been put into place, it is important to train all of the people who will be using the new technology.  Implementing new technology without the proper training often results in underutilized systems.  At Factory Insight, we can customize training programs that will increase our client's technology investment.


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